Surveyed July 9 - August 1, 1919


The Riker Family graveyard in the rear contains 132 marked graves of the Rikers and the Lents.  The exiled Irish Catholic patriot, Dr. William J. MacNeven, husband of Jane Riker, is buried here.  He is also honored by a prominent memorial in the Episcopal St. Paul's Chapel graveyard on Broadway and Fulton Street in lower Manhattan.  As Supervisor of New York City hospitals, he led the fight against the outbreaks of cholera and smallpox in 1834.  Also buried here is Catherine Ann Tone, wife of Wolfe Tone, leader of the 1848 Irish revolt.

A Particularly Poetic Inscription

Weep not for me my friends all dear,  I am not dead but sleeping here. The debt is paid, my grave you see, Prepare for death and follow me. My flesh shall slumber in the ground Till the last trumpetís solemn sound; Then burst the bands in sweet surprise, And in my saviorís image rise.

Other Famous Stones:


(Fair) (Inscription on the west side)  
The grave of ABRAHAM RIKER, son of Abraham & Margaret Riker; born 1655; died Aug. 20, 1746, in the 91st year of his age.  

And in Memory of his grandsire GUYSBERT RIKER, a native of Holland, who came to America in 1630, obtained a patent for his lands at Bowery, L.I., bearing date 1632.  
(Inscription on the south side.)  

In Memory of Capt. ABRAHAM RIKER, son of Andrew and Jane Riker; born 1740.  Served his country nobly in the war of the Revolution and died at Valley Forge May 7, 1778, in his 38th year.

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